LA Cleaners #1 service is our superior techniques in spot removal. Often an item comes in useless when it has a bad spot, LA cleaners has a reputation of aggressively attacking the spots so that the item is wearable again. Many cleaners shy away from difficult spots, thus rendering a $300 sports coat for example, worthless.
So no matter how cheap another dry cleaner might be, it would be hard to save $300 in a year’s worth of dry cleaning. And though we aren’t perfect, we are working on it!
The #2 specialty of LA Cleaners is our friendly service. People literally come from all over Columbus just to meet and greet The Friendly People who work at LA Cleaners. They really are friendly. On top of that LA cleaners offers boomerang service, that’s where the customer drops off their clothes and LA Cleaners delivers them back to their home or office.#3 our pickup and delivery service:
Our pickup and delivery service practically covers all of Columbus except the southwest side. LA Cleaners picks up and delivers six days a week.
Alterations and repairs are first class. Many local clothing stores use LA cleaners alteration services to fix brand new clothes that have been damaged due to customers trying them on, and a look like new. As LA Cleaners expands its convenient services, the days of same-day alteration services are approaching rapidly. Check us out!Wedding gown preservation is a service we offer our customers who have recently been married or who finally dig out that wedding gown from the attic and would like a professionally preserved forever. All preservations are sealed in an oxygen free, airtight, vacuum pack, luxurious display package, and guaranteed for life.Leather and suede cleaning:
Using the suede life method is unsurpassed. If you have good leather or quality suede, every once in a while it needs to be cleaned. If you want it done right, then bring it into LA cleaners, we”ll handle it.

Dropoff and Delivery Dry Cleaning Serving Greater Westerville